Building The Next Generation of Leaders

Our vision is to create a lasting social impact within the community by helping people expand their alternatives to success in business and in their career, lead innovations and social change, as well as foster a more sustainable economy.

The Problem

North Eastern Nigeria contributes up to 28% unemployment rate in Nigeria making it the second highest region in Nigeria by unemployment rate. The problem is a lack of access to sustainable alternatives to relevant resources needed in building themselves and their economy


Many within this region lack the mindset required to transit from the limited public service job search to job creators and innovators.

knowledge of Alternatives

Citizens are not educated enough about alternatives available to build the dream career or life.

Limited Skills

Even when there is awareness of the needed work, most citizens lack the basic skill to transform their ideas into reality.

Our Programs

We deliver on our promise through the following channels


We will focus our webinars towards enlightening and engaging our community on seasoned topics need in the growth process.

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Master Classes

Master classes are a more in-depth dive into courses need in a career pursuit, it will contain various sub topics upon which certifications will suffice

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Our Mini-MBA Programs are a more complex program for business professionals, helping them get the needed knowledge in building a world class business, and lead any project or team effectively

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Our Team

As a team , we have experience in delivering training and coaching programs in multiple industries and are passionate about providing a more efficient way to live and work.

Diseh Ibrahim

Head of Marketing and Strategy

Orowua Dominic

Team Lead

Emmanuel Azinta

Technical Lead

Zanau Hassan

Advisory Board Member

Our Events

We deliver on our promise through the events

14 Aug 2021
Upcoming Event

Mindset Shift (Taraba Edition)

Featuring seasoned entreprenuers and Mindset coaches, we are launching The Shift Leadership Academy with our maiden event.